Google Forms

Card's author : SupAgro Florac
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
To begin with : Free Google Document tool that allows creating on-line surveys with results displayed on a chart.
Official website :
Tool's boxes : Polls
Introduction :
Requirements : Having a Google account
Some practical uses :
  • Introduction files of the members of a network of the participants in a meeting
  • Balance of an operation
  • Registrations for a meeting
  • Gathering the skills or needs of group members
  • Creating a letter using an address list (advanced functions)

Using the tools :
Going further :
Advantages :
  • Quick and easy to configure
  • It allows recovering and centralizing information and notifications from a large number of people easily
  • Results can then be exported to a Calc or Excel format to process them in greater detail.
  • Forms can easily be integrated into a wiki or a blog
  • Google gadgets allow processing the results in a chart or graphs
Drawbacks :
  • Data is saved on Google's server (permanence, Google has access to your data)
  • Google Document offers limited functions for detailed data processing
Licence : Proprietary software, Free
Using : Easy
Setting up : No setting up