Card's author : SupAgro Florac
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
To begin with : Skype is a free internet telephony service which enables to have a discussion between two or more persons (with a Skype account). The service proposes also a service of videoconferencing, a chat, screen and file sharing.
Official website :
Tool's boxes : Synchronous Communication
Introduction :
Requirements :
  • Creating a Skype account
  • Setting up the program
  • Having a computer and, optionally a webcam
Some practical uses :
  • Telephone meeting - two persons or more - (which can be coupled together with an Etherpad for a shared note-taking)
  • Remote presentation and comment of a slideshow
Using the tools :
Going further :
Advantages :
  • Good audio and video quality
  • Complete tool : audio, video, chat, transfer of files
  • Free communications between Skype users whatever the distance
  • Up to 25 persons in the same phone meeting (!)
Drawbacks :
  • Proprietary software software (Skype's data processing is rather opaque)
  • The use of Skype is forbidden in a number of firms and administrations
  • The computer and webcam configuration is sometimes tricky : check it before starting a Skype meeting
  • Different interface according to platforms : Windows, Linux, Mac, which makes remote repairs difficult
  • Needs some setting up and a little appropriation of the tool that is not needed with a phone!
Licence : Proprietary software, Freemium
Using : Easy
Setting up : Easy