Card's author : Outils-Réseaux et SupAgro Florac
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
To begin with : Prezi is an online presentation software. Its peculiarity, compared with classical presentation software such as Impress or Powerpoint, is that the presentation is not linear. The whole of the presentation is on only one space, you reach information by zooming in or zooming out.
Official website :
Tool's boxes : Animation
Introduction : Example : a lesson about cooperation by Jean-Michel Cornu

Requirements :
  • Creating a Prezi account
  • Being connected to the internet
  • Having a Flashreader software on the computer (for Prezi editing)
Some practical uses :
  • Project presentation, face-to-face or remote
  • Creation of a course notebook or of an online educational software
  • Remote part-creation of a presentation
Using the tools :
Advantages :
  • More dynamic presentations !
  • Well-adapted to a presentation in a logic of attention (I adapt the presentation to the audience's attention). This notion is the opposite of the logic of intention : I bring my audience from A to B
  • Allows to organize yourself in a mindmap way or in a linear way.
  • Downloadable presentation, which means an internet free presentation
  • The downloaded presentation is self run-time, no presentation software is needed on the computer.
  • Access to presentation is possible from any internet connected computer
  • Enables synchronous and asynchronous co-edition
Drawbacks :
  • In its free version, creation can only be done online
  • Beware of motion sickness by abuse of rotating effects
  • English interface
  • In the free version (except for Education) all presentations can be seen online, there is no private space
Licence : Proprietary software, Freemium
Using : Easy
Setting up : No setting up