Card's author : Outils Réseaux
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
To begin with : Netvibes is an online service which enables to create a web portal that gathers RSS (It has other features but this one is the most interesting) : personally (web watch, control) or for a group, a project, a territory .
Official website :
Tool's boxes : Web Watch tools
Introduction :
Requirements : Surfing the net
Using the tools :
Going further :
Advantages :
  • Allows the creation of a very open and updated portal for a group, a territory. Enables to create your own personal online office where web watch can be centralized.
Drawbacks :
  • It's an online service (is there a continuity of data ?), it is necessary to open an account.
Licence : Proprietary software, Freemium
Using : Easy
Setting up : No setting up