Google calendar

Card's author : Hélène Laxenaire - SupAgro Florac
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
To begin with : Google Calendar is a tool by Google that allows keeping an on-line calendar (available on a computer or a smartphone) that can be shared or posted on a website. This tool allows sharing an organization's events or meetings calendar, knowing the planning of collaborators and also establishing a planning to book resources (a room, for example).
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Tool's boxes : Online Office Automation
Introduction : Google Calendar is an on-line calendar that can be viewed on-line and shared. It can also be posted on a website. Google calendar allows importing other planning (created with Google Calendar or with ICS format) enabling you to visualize several different calendars on a same page. Finally, it allows group members who use Google Calendar to see each other's availability and invite them to a meeting on a given date and at a given time.
Requirements :
  • Having a Google account
Some practical uses :
  • posting upcoming meetings of an association on a website
  • sharing a calendar to determine the arrival times of speakers at an event. Everyone gathering information on arrival times can write them on a same calendar which is then used to see who will be going to pick them up at the station.
  • manage the bookings of a meeting room
Using the tools :
Going further :
Advantages :
  • It allows seeing the availability of all members quickly
  • It allows several people to gather information on timetables
  • Calendars with ICS format can be imported and exported for other software such as Thunderbird, so the calendar can be shared with people who do not have or do not wish to have a Google account.
Drawbacks :
  • It is an on-line calendar, meaning that there are more constraints than using a paper calendar, except if on a smartphone
  • It still belongs to Google!
Licence : Proprietary software, Free
Using : Easy
Setting up : No setting up