A wiki for the EEDD network of Savoy

Card's author : Antoine Delarue
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
Testimonies : The EEDD73 network was created on the 27th November 2012.
Creating a platform for participatory exchange was one of the desires of the Steering Committee of the EEDD73 Network. My knowledge and skills for these tools were therefore interesting for the whole project.
In order to create this Wiki, I carried out structure interviews using this platform to get a clear idea on the procedures (REEMA, Outils-réseaux ...).
Having some basic knowledge on how to use this tool, I read through literature and carried out practice "tests".

Meetings in the territory

The space "Meetings in the territory", is a space for information and organisation, as well as a space of participation for all the actors of these events, with the aim of uniting all the actors in Environmental and Sustainable Development Education (EEDD in French) to complete the charter.
We started with some very simple facts: email inboxes were being "flooded" with information and people were unable to process all this information. Therefore, setting up an active process of searching for information seemed interesting to us.
This space is used as a platform for direct exchanges between the people concerned, without going through the network facilitator directly.

An introduction to collaborative tools...

As part of this move, we organised a training course on on-line collaborative tools, with a whole section on how to use the Wiki.
So the information was conveyed in relation to the creation of this participatory site.

A platform like this allowed us to:

  • centralise all data
  • gain time
  • integrate all actors in the project so as to create together and use their expectations as a starting point (organising car-sharing, practical modes, shared meals)


  • People who registered had access to this information and could read this information.
  • Greater referral to the information
  • Low participation but from people who received the introductory training


  • Low direct participation in the pads and the Wiki
  • Not much openness to others

Things to avoid?

  • Going too fast!
  • Prioritising human contact at the start and then incorporating on-line collaborative tools


  • Take some time to ask people's opinions so they can really integrate this tool
  • Introduce future users of this tool beforehand (the importance of physical contact before distance collaboration)
  • Give users some space for freedom
  • Reassure users on the security of data