Card's author : Outils Réseaux
Card's type of licence : Creative Commons BY-SA
To begin with : YesWiki is a free wiki engine, modular, under GPL licence, which allows to create and manage a website or an intranet. YesWiki is particularly intended for groups wishing to be equipped with an internet-cooperating tool.
Official website :
Tool's boxes : Wikis
Introduction : Just like its dad Wikini, on which it leans, YesWiki allows with any web browser :
  • the creation, deleting, modifying, commenting of web pages, whatever the number of publishers and of pages.
  • the management of file system permissions to different pages (read, write, comment), by one or a group of users.
  • a visual and intuitive laying out of contents, without IT knowledge.
  • the instantanous publishing of any page creation or modification.
  • the analysis, the management of the site from simple features : site map, list of users, list of the last modified pages, etc.
  • YesWiki is also:
    • templates, adjustable to each site.
    • the generalizing of the wiki principle to the whole site : modification of the title, banner, menus, footer etc. with a simple double-click.
    • a flexible antispam.
    • the ability to join to each page an office or multimedia file with posting or reading of the content for images, sounds, videos, mind maps.
    • a manager of extensions allowing to add new features such as database, key-words, microblog, shared forecast etc.
YesWiki can be set up on a Web server bearing PHP 5 and more and a database MySQL. Once set up, the site is directly operational and everything is managed online with any web browser.?
Requirements :
  • Having a PHP / MySQL web hosting
Some practical uses :
  • it helps to approach existencial matters !
  • it helps to create a potentially collaborative website easily
  • it helps to keep the control on the website
  • it helps to think about the question of power
  • it helps to set up intranets
  • it helps to co-write books
  • it helps to co-build projects
  • and it helps to demonstrate that project that are co-built are feasible and efficient
  • it helps to demystify the internet
  • it helps to do databases even better than a Googleform
  • it helps to point out the people who really want to cooperate (others say that anyone can change their name)
  • it helps to spot the IT specialists who see in cooperation safety weaknesses
  • it helps to remove passwords in order to act
  • it helps to show that Wiki can also rhyme with pretty
  • it helps to increase one's skills for the sake of the whole team
Using the tools :
Going further : Documentation "get on's hand dirty" for the setting up, the configuration, the customization
Advantages :
  • very easy to start writing
  • flexible (extensions of databases, qrcodes, etc...)
  • the new features given by extensions offer multiple cooperative possibilities.
  • easy-to-edit menus
Drawbacks :
  • Need to know the specific wiki syntax
  • the"tools" extensions add complexity: be careful to add them when the group is mature enough.
  • small community of developers.
Licence : Open sources, Free
Using : Easy
Setting up : Reserved for IT Jedis